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Halaxy - practice management software for health practitioners

Halaxy is free, you only pay for optional add-ons

Halaxy’s award-winning software is 100% free to use. Over 60,000 practitioners trust Halaxy to better manage their practices.

We’ve developed Halaxy to make healthcare better. Our core software is free because we’d prefer to make a little bit of money from a lot of people rather than a lot of money from a few. This way we can grow rapidly and help as many people as possible!

Halaxy’s core software is free for all practice sizes. Select your team size to compare:

Add-ons that turbocharge the benefits of using Halaxy

Halaxy optional add-ons are paid with Halaxy Credits in the platform, and they’re even cheaper when you top up in bulk. Halaxy credits don’t expire, so you can top up when you need and pay as little as €0.09 per credit.

SMS Reminders

€0.15 / 1 Credit

Claims Processing

€0.15 / 1 Credit

Secure Messages

€0.45 / 3 Credits

Learn more about Halaxy Credits.

One-click claim processing

Process rebates for Medicare/DVA, private health funds and other integrated funding bodies, like NDIS, WorkCover QLD, WorkSafe VIC and TAC.

Online payment processing at competitive rates

Halaxy Auto Payments enables you to process payments online, without the need to handle cash, direct deposits or an eftpos machine - saving you up to 4 minutes per appointment!

With Halaxy, you only pay for what you process, there are no monthly fees or terminal costs. Your payment rate is calculated based on your volume of transactions in a 90-day period:

Monthly Fee


Processing Fee

1.99% + €0.50

Learn more about Halaxy Auto Payments.

Securely accept full and partial patient appointment fees for face-to-face appointments, online consultations and online bookings - it’s great for you and your patients.

You also have the option to capture the patient’s card details to process the payment automatically, after the appointment and/or to charge for no-shows and late cancellations, if you choose to do so.


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