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Halaxy's smart invoicing creates customised invoices

Smart invoicing

Automate invoices and payments in your practice. Whenever you make a booking, Halaxy automatically creates a completely customised invoice that meets the specific requirements for any patient, funding body, or organisation.

01. The right invoice at the right time

Halaxy automatically creates the correct invoice for any funding body so that you can focus on other areas of your practice.

  • Manage different funding body requirements automatically (add funder logos – Medicare, DVA, WorkCover QLD, TAC)
  • Create custom invoices for appointments, item purchases, reports, assessments and any other charges

02. No more data entry

The data that you need to process an invoice generates automatically from the information stored within your Halaxy. This means no more time spent formatting and preparing invoices!

  • Practitioner, patient, and funder information is populated for you

03. One-click invoice processing

Process and email invoices to patients and organisations in one-click, or set-up automated payment processing for Medicare and Credit Cards.

  • Print or email invoices to patients or funding bodies
  • Process Medicare and Credit Card payments automatically
I know I send a note after nearly every new feature release - but WOW! You guys are just smashing it out of the park with each new feature! Great work and I'm incredibly pleased to have been supporting Halaxy for the last few years to witness the amazing growth of such a fantastic software!Marta Naturopath

Halaxy helps you

  • Remove your invoicing administration
  • Process payments directly within the invoice
  • Track finances in real-time

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