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Halaxy - What we do

Halaxy helps you navigate the galaxy of health

Halaxy is the leading global health platform built for both practitioners and patients anywhere in the world.

A global platform for health practitioners and patients


Thousands of health practitioners across 130 countries are running their practices better every day with Halaxy.

Halaxy doesn't just reduce your administration - it removes it, so you can focus solely on improving health outcomes for your patients and clients. Our customers save on average 5 minutes per appointment, reduce appointment no-shows and increase practice cashflow.

If you're looking to run a better practice, give Halaxy a go - better practice management is one click away.


You can find the right practitioner for you in your country with one of the most extensive directory of practitioners available anywhere in the world. You can track and manage your health, share your records with your practitioners and even see practitioners… all online and in the one place!

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