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Halaxy practice and patient reports

Track your practice in real-time

Track and manage your entire practice with Halaxy's extensive practice reporting, from finances to patients, appointments, referrals and communications.

01. A report for every area of your practice


  • Monitor practice performance including profit and loss, income, expenses, and unpaid invoices
  • Track costs quickly and efficiently at practice, location and practitioner level
  • Create BAS and tax reports all within the one system

Patient outcomes & Referrals

  • Track your patient population across claiming, clinical, and referral information
  • Create Case Load reports for you and your practitioners
  • Grow your practice by tracking Introduction Sources and building patient email campaigns


  • Build and save customised reports by practice, practitioner, patient, fee or payment status
  • Track appointments, attendances, patient status’ and unbilled appointments

Practice Communications

  • See text messages and emails your practice is sending in one view
  • Know instantly when a patient has received a message sent from your practice

02. Get a quick overview, or dive down into the detail

You can filter your report to the level you require with extensive report filters.

  • Filter by the information relevant to each report, including by: patient, practitioner, claiming information, location, room and more.

03. Print or Export any report

Every report that you generate can be printed or exported to CSV (Excel) for any use you need!

04. Restrict financial access to those who need it

Halaxy comes with industry leading access controls so that you can control who sees financial information within your Halaxy. Read more here.

Thank you so much for offering this amazing product for use in managing my clients, finances and schedule! You've done an amazing job and the fact that it is free to use has given me a massive head start in getting my business set up to succeed from the outsetScott Counsellor

With Halaxy you can

  • See unpaid invoices at a glance
  • Integrate invoicing and payments with your favourite accounting platform
  • Export data when you need

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