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Medipass: Process private health insurance online

With Halaxy you can process your private health insurance claims automatically, without the need for a terminal. Halaxy integrates with Medipass to process health insurance claims from all major health funds.

01. Process private health claims online and get paid faster

With Halaxy you don't need a terminal and can process claims directly from an invoice in Halaxy, with rebates typically reaching your account by the next day.

Our Medipass integration means you receive payment from insurers quickly, and your patients don't need to download anything. In fact, they can make insurance claims and pay the gap fee right from their smartphone - which is great for social distancing as well.

02. Currently using HICAPS?

Halaxy integrates with Medipass for simple private health insurance claiming from all major insurance providers in Australia via the HICAPS system.

With Halaxy, you don’t need a HICAPS terminal and can process claims online via Halaxy and your patients don’t need to download any apps – all they need is a mobile number to receive the SMS authorisation.

Here are the key benefits of using Halaxy instead:

  • With Halaxy you get paid the next day - HICAPS can take up to 7 days
  • Halaxy’s integration with Medipass is online and contactless - great for social distancing
  • With no terminal to worry about, Halaxy is perfect for telehealth appointments
  • Easily process private health insurance claims when another person other than the patient is paying for the treatment (e.g. a parent, or a partner)

03. Watch the video to see how Halaxy’s integration with Medipass works:

Really great Australian product to our health data standards and protocols for storage. I have been using this for quite a few years now. Transformative. Can be totally paperless with automated billing, rebate processing, and emailed receipts for starters.John Psychologist

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