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Your Halaxy integrated fax messaging

Send and receive fax messages online via Halaxy

Healthcare is digitising fast, but fax is still an important part of how practitioners share important health information such as referrals and reports. With Halaxy, you can send and receive fax messages online - with no fax machine required.

01. Easily send and receive fax messages online

Send fax messages to patients, organisations, referrers, and other practitioners; and receive fax messages from your network seamlessly via Halaxy.

Fax messages are sent electronically via Halaxy, without the need for a physical fax machine. Your fax number is reserved solely for you and your practice, so recipients can easily identify you.

If you already have a fax number and would like to use the same number for fax in Halaxy, we may be able to port your number over – please contact us on

02. Securely send clinical notes and documents via fax online

You can easily fax clinical notes created in Halaxy and you can fax any documents you have stored on your computer. Simply attach the documents to your fax message and send them to patients, contacts and their care network.

All fax messages are protected by the appropriate access levels, so you have full control and oversight of the fax messages that are sent and received by your practice group.

03. Store and keep track of all fax messages (sent and received)

All your incoming and outgoing fax messages are stored in your Halaxy Fax Messages list. You can also keep track of all sent and received messages by running a Communication Report in Halaxy.

04. Recording recipient fax numbers

Patients, specialists, and organisations can have one fax number recorded in Halaxy on their profiles. To add a fax number, navigate to the profile and select "Fax" when adding a phone number.

05. Subscribing for a Fax Integration

The Fax Integration is a paid add-on feature offered by Halaxy to remove administration and save you time. The subscription allows you to receive 1,000 pages and send 150 pages - and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

To subscribe for a fax number, simply go to your Add-ons page in Halaxy and add the Fax Integration.

Just to let you know, the recent addition of Fax messaging has saved me time and money already. Thank you for this. it makes my work life more streamlined and helps me deal with the archaic GP communication system of fax use. Thank you.Bernie Psychologist

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